Graffiti Indoor Advertising 

We advertise in public restrooms of restaurants, bars, health clubs, and other high traffic venues in order to target specific demographics in a relaxed and clutter-free environment.

Top Ten Reasons People Choose Graffiti

  1. It works! We'll provide you with a list of client names and numbers so you can ask them!
  2. People like our ads.
  3. There's no channel to change, no page to turn and no mouse to click.
  4. The cost is a fraction of traditional print media.
  5. By choosing your locations, you can target by lifestyle, gender and zip code.
  6. Graffiti ads are viewed in a relaxed, clutter-free environment.
  7. We guarantee your ads will be read by your target audience.
  8. Graffiti ads in Nashville generate over 300,000 hits per day overall.
  9. The Graffiti audience is largely adult, upscale, and mobile.
  10. We deliver top-of-mind consciousness, all day, every day. Even into the wee hours.

Client Reviews