Production Policies

  1. If you are creating your own ad or having it created by a third party, make sure that the design is done using the digital ad design template available for download below. These are available in the following formats: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator (CS and 10), Adobe InDesign, and PDF (flat and layered). You may also refer to the diagram on this page or ask your Graffiti account executive to provide our Ad Specs sheet.
  2. Printing deadlines are the 25th of any month preceding the month in which your ads are to be posted. If Graffiti is creating your ad, please have your digital files and other materials to us no later than the 20th of the month preceding placement to ensure enough time for design, proofing, approval and printing.
  3. Ads that contain logos or even mentions of restaurants or nightclubs ARE NOT PERMITTED IN OTHER RESTAURANTS OR NIGHTCLUBS.
  4. Ads that contain logos or even mentions of health clubs ARE NOT PERMITTED IN OTHER HEALTH CLUBS.
  5. If you are supplying final printed ads yourself, THEY MUST BE PROFESSIONALLY PRINTED using 28-70 lb. text paper. Laser prints or better are strongly recommended. Ink jet prints have a tendency to run when they get damp, and the print quality is inconsistent.
  6. ALL ADS NOT DESIGNED BY GRAFFITI MUST BE PRE-APPROVED BY GRAFFITI BEFORE PRINTING. Simply supply a jpeg or pdf file or hard copy to your Graffiti account executive.
  7. Advertisers should print a MINIMUM of three times as many ads as are purchased. For example, if 26 ads are purchased, at least 78 copies must be provided. This is to cover monthly ad rotation plus normal wear-and-tear. This is NOT required for special event buys or for advertisers who change their ad layouts monthly.