It Works

Four Friends Enjoying Lunch

We advertise in public restrooms of bars, health clubs, restaurants and other high traffic venues in order to target specific demographics in a relaxed and clutter-free environment. Typically, our framed ads are mounted above the urinals in the men's rooms and inside the stall doors in ladies' rooms. The THREE main reasons Graffiti works:

  • The audience we reach are adults with disposable income  
  • The wide variety of host venues we work with means we can offer our advertisers the ability to precisely target their desired demographic
  • We are affordable

Our Strategy

By working closely with your sales rep, you can target your customers by age, gender, lifestyle, income, and ZIP code. Matching clients to appropriate venues is what we do, so the more you can tell us about your customers, the better we can help you reach them. 
A few common sense examples:

  • Looking to reach music lovers? Advertise in some of our live music venue host locations
  • Looking to reach high fashion consumers? Advertise in the trendy and more upscale restaurants and nightclubs
  • Looking to reach women? Advertise in ladies’ restrooms (unless Valentine’s Day is coming up...)
  • There is no doubt that our strategy works because we take all the variables into account. We specialize in defining your message and selecting the right locations for maximum impact.


Since Graffiti Indoor Advertising, the oldest restroom advertising company in the world,  began, we have seen many other duplicate companies come and go. We have been in business the longest and have the most experience in our industry. 
Call us today at 615.327.8115 and learn more about how we can help your business grow.